Letter: If ‘the people’ want to control the Cottonwood Mall site, they should buy it

Whenever “the voice of the people” is given as the imperative for elected officials to act in a prescribed way, I’m troubled. Doesn’t a lynch mob represent “the voice of the people”? Also, are you sure 97 self-selected, angry people at a public hearing offer a true reflection of an entire community? Finally, when it comes to land use decisions, how much consideration should be given to “the people” who don’t own the land?

The surest way for “the people” of Holladay to control what happens on the old Cottonwood Mall site is for “the people” to purchase it. Otherwise, what uses can be built there are legally bound by the city’s master plan and related zoning laws. If a developer buys property and submits a project that complies with city master plan and zoning laws, it’s too late. The time for “the people” to be heard was when the master plan and zoning laws were enacted. And, if “conditional uses” are involved, understand the only voice “the people” have is to stipulate “conditions.” The particular use cannot be rejected if the only condition is “the people” don’t want it.

I’m not a developer. I’m a people.

Bill Anderson, South Salt Lake

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