KSL TV: Old TGIF restaurant demolished to make way for new Holladay development

HOLLADAY, Utah – After being untouched for nearly 10 years, the TGIF restaurant on Highland Drive in Holladay was demolished Friday night. It is the first step in a major housing and multi-use development project on the site.

It was also the main event for a block party the project’s developers, Ivory Homes and Woodbury Corp., threw for residents.

“We wanted to just have this party before we get going and say ‘thanks’ to the community,” Clark Ivory, CEO of Ivory Homes said.

After months of pushback on the size and height of the buildings, the city council and mayor voted unanimously to approve the plans in May.

“After going through 21 public hearings, we had an opportunity to talk to a lot of people and get their input and make a lot of modifications,” Ivory said.

The project now calls for 20 to 40 shops, eight restaurants, and office buildings in its multi-use area of the property. Just next door, the developers plan to build 775 apartments and nearly 200 homes.

These are changes residents said they are eager to see.

“I feel like it will be classy for Holladay,” said resident Julie Hardenbrook. “I feel like it’s going to really bring in a good crowd of people and that we can have more of a community feel.”

Developers said depending on how many people are in each household, they estimate 1,500 to 3,000 people will call the new site home. They hope to have everything completed by 2022.

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